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Being Present
10/11/2011 Gail Ridings
Blush Gail Headshot

I don’t have much of a problem ruminating about the past, but I often find myself skipping over the moment in favor of anticipating the future. Certainly, some of that is due to being a businessperson. It’s a necessity to look for future trends and plan strategies, media, goals and so on. However, sometimes I miss what is happening right now while worrying about what’s around the bend. 

October is prime time for me to do this. Because colder, darker winter days are ahead, this month can be a tough time for my psyche. And yet, it’s such a beautiful, crisp, refreshing month – full of incredible colors (wow! those golden aspens!) and smells (the wood fire in our Great Room) and fun (Halloween costume parties). So, I’m going to do everything I can to be mindful of today – right this minute – and let tomorrow come as it always does. I hope you do, too!

Forgive me, I must take a moment away from the right now to mention the recent past and congratulate the incredible staff of TallGrass on their production of the Transitions11 Hair and Fashion Show. Nearly our entire team volunteered time and creativity to put on our best event ever.