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As Many of You Know, the TallGrass MIssion Statement is "To Awe and Inspire"
02/25/2011 Gail Ridings
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Awe and Inspire. It sounds like a tall order, but don’t you agree that many actions can be awe-inspiring without being major undertakings? I’m thinking of random acts of kindness, views of nature, our Olympians, and survival in Haiti and other ravaged areas of the world.

Last week, I read an article in Reader’s Digest about Ruthie Culver who, at age 103, has racked up more than 1,200 volunteer hours since the time six years ago, when she called the local hospital to ask if anyone there could use an extra hand. She started in the ICU reception area, then in the cafeteria, and now she folds laundry, at the Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City, Arizona. Now, that’s inspiring!

Here in Evergreen, we have so many who donate time and talents to important and valuable causes. Take Tom Hushen, for example. Congratulations, Tom, on being honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award by the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce. I applaud you and everyone who donates time to a non-profit organization.

Not only do I enjoy the time that I spend working with the Rotary Club, Evergreen Rodeo and other non-profits, I was blessed with an additional bonus when I volunteered with the Evergreen Chamber and met my husband, Chuck. If you aren’t already involved with a charitable organization, I highly recommend that you consider it. I guarantee your life will be enriched by giving a part of yourself, not to mention that you’ll help make the world a better place.