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Appreciating the beauty around us
06/06/2017 Gail Sharp
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I am incredibly blessed to live and work in a picture postcard setting. Truly, springtime brings tears of gratitude to me daily and, after 22 years in Evergreen, I continue to be stunned at the beauty and magnificence of our glorious natural surroundings. And, like the vast majority of people who have aged before me, I’m happiest with quiet, simple activity. Sitting outside with my baby goats or just driving along Upper Bear Creek Road on the way to work is a profound pleasure. 

I realize that the vast majority of the world’s population doesn’t enjoy this luxury and I want to do what I can – even in a small way – to recognize that and help others. This month, we are packing and sending our Soldier Boxes to the men and women in the military who are in harm’s way. I hope that this token of our appreciation can bring these deserving people a bit of comfort and love from home. Thank you for your participation in this worthy cause over the years.  

Please take time this summer to appreciate and explore our beautiful state and pause to hold in your heart those who don’t have the opportunities we have.   

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