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Another Confession
02/08/2012 Gail Ridings
Blush Gail Headshot

I sometimes drag my feet on trends. Whether fashion, food or technology, I lag behind. It’s not always a bad thing, though. I totally missed the platform high heels craze.

In business, however, it’s important to stay current with what’s going on around us. So, in my desire to learn about social media for TallGrass, I signed up with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Even though I’m not a daily visitor and rarely make a post, I do see the value in these communication channels and can often learn news about friends and family that I might have missed. While I don’t care that someone just ate a great cookie, I am grateful to know about a birth or someone’s health struggles. 

That led me to my next high tech adventure. With a teeny bit of kicking and screaming, I got an iPhone. Susie, our Spa Director, is a techno whiz kid and she is giving me lessons daily on how this amazing thing works. (Poor woman!) I can actually talk to the thing and ask questions and it will answer me. I tried to tell the woman in the phone “I love you, Siri” -- which is apparently her name -- and she replied “You don’t even know me!” Pretty funny.

It turns out to be a handy tool – especially with the free Apps that can be downloaded. Naturally, I’m a bit partial to the TallGrass App. It’s new and it’s free and it’s a great way for you to book appointments, check out specials and look at photos of our mountain valley and spa facilities. So, I am encouraging you to adopt this new trend. Get with the program and try it out! At the same time, tho’, I am suggesting you avoid those platform high heels. They’re way too dangerous!