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Ahhh Summer!
07/07/2015 Gail Ridings
Gail Ridings Photo 9

I know, I keep repeating myself but – dang it – I LOVE this time of year. And, with all the rain we had in May, Evergreen is bursting with flowers of every kind, and the grass is as green and high as I’ve ever seen it. There are so many interesting, exciting events to choose from each week: picnics and concerts and parties, hikes and horseback rides, and weekend jaunts to the mountains. It’s difficult to choose just one activity each day so I often cram in three or four which can tire out this old body of mine. But, who cares?  

We have two very special activities coming up at TallGrass – one is right around the corner and the other is happening in November.   

On Sunday, July 12, we have our 5th annual Wine, Washes, Wagging Tails event in downtown Evergreen.  Details are below. Whether or not you have a dog, you MUST put this on your calendar. It’s a BLAST and we raise lots of money for Evergreen Animal Protective League. So, please come and play with us! 

In November, we are choosing to honor Women in the Military to celebrate the 20th anniversary of TallGrass’ opening. The actual anniversary date is November 6, the Friday prior to Veteran’s Week. We have a long list of activities that are being planned and, to top it off, we are offering complimentary spa services to military women. There will be more details coming as November approaches, and we’re kicking off the celebration now with sales of autographed copies of Helen Thorpe’s “Soldier Girls” in our Boutique. All proceeds benefit our Soldier Box Project. A huge shipment of soldier box care packages is planned for November 6. So, please start saving your travel sized toiletries now.    

There’s so much to be excited about and grateful for this season. I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am. See you soon!