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February 2008
TallGrass Aveda Spa & Salon
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TallGrass Aveda Spa & Salon

LuckyLucky the Spa Dog, 1994-2008

Our pets touch a special place in our hearts where no human can reach. Their loyalty, devotion, and unconditional love create a bond that really can't be explained.

I adopted Lucky in 1996. He was a sweet, quiet, slightly neurotic boy from an animal shelter. He gave our staff barking escorts from the parking lot when they arrived in the morning, he helped round-up the horses for dinner, and he stood strict guard in my office every day (just in case a fox happened to arrive).

He knew a handful of cute tricks including his "spa walk" - slow, quiet, head down - to signal that he wanted to get in or out of the door to my office. He hiked with me every week for 12 years and never failed to greet me with wild excitement when I came home. My friend, Gail, remarked: "If we could only live up to the person that our dogs think we are."

If you've ever had the honor of having a cherished pet, I'm sure you'll understand when I tell you I miss him immeasurably. That's why I'm sending Happy Valentines Day wishes to you and most especially to your four-legged loves.

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TallGrass instantly printable gift certificates are perfect for Valentine's Day. Choose your favorite design - the Friendly Raccoons, the Loving Bears or the TallGrass Meadow. Then, indicate any dollar amount, add your personal message and instantly print them on your computer. Just like that! Any time of the day or night!

Of course, the traditional TallGrass gift cards will also excite your Valentine with the anticipation of a perfect day at TallGrass. Our gift cards come beautifully wrapped in tall grasses and can be mailed to you or your recipient, or picked up on a visit to TallGrass.

Let us suggest a gift card or certificate for The Quencher. One of our most enjoyable packages, The Quencher (3 hours / $235) turns winter dryness into luscious silkiness with our super-hydrating, ultra-moisturizing, totally-drenching facial, body scrub, hair and scalp renewal, and paraffin hand dip.

Don't forget the Chocolate Mint TallGrass Tango while you are thinking about Valentine's Day. A few Tango appointments are still available during the Ten Days of Tango, February 8 through 17, when our popular couples' side-by-side massage rises to sweet heights. A chocolate and rosemary mint body scrub, private steam shower and 50-minute massage wraps up with chocolate treats to take home.

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