How are we doing?

At TallGrass, our mission is to give you an experience without compare, at a sanctuary where you can renew your body and spirit. We want you to be surrounded by luxury and the pure delight of being completely indulged. We always want you to have a perfect day at TallGrass.

So, how are we doing? Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for taking a few moments to answer "Yes" or "No" to any of the statements below that pertain to your TallGrass visit.

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Making Appointments:
When making my appointment, TallGrass staff gave me details about services and amenities:
The importance of coming early to relax and prepare for services was explained to me:
When making my appointment, TallGrass staff tried to accommodate my needs:
Additional Comments:
Checking In:
I felt welcome when I walked in to TallGrass:
I was escorted to the changing area and informed of the availability of steam room/showers:
I was offered Aveda Comforting Tea or water:
Additional Comments:
I was personally escorted into and out of the Great Room by my service provider:
I was asked if I was having any problems in particular that needed special attention:
After my treatment, I was informed of products used:
Additional Comments:
Checking Out:
Checking out was easy and efficient:
I received value for the money I spent on products and services at TallGrass:
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In General:
TallGrass staff is warm, congenial and helpful:
I have visited the TallGrass web site and it is easy to use:
The information on the TallGrass web site is interesting:
The TallGrass menu is simple, easy to understand and lets me know what to expect:
Parking is convenient and access to the building is easy:
I receive TallGrass Clippings e-newsletter:
If no, would you like to receive it?:
I know about savings on TallGrass series purchases:
I know about the monthly TallGrass e-newsletter bonus:
I have used the TallGrass suggestion box:
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Write your TallGrass review:
What I most like about TallGrass is: The one thing that TallGrass really needs to change is:
My favorite TallGrass treatment is: Why?:
A TallGrass treatment I have never tried, but would like to try is: Why?:
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