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We invite you to be calm, achieve wellbeing and find tranquility with the gift of a stress-fix rollerball concentrate to take home after your TallGrass visit.

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earth month Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

What a difference the sun makes! I had been looking forward to a lovely May and spring but when it arrived, we had day after day of rain, cold, dreary skies and even snow. The constant rain caused numerous flooding issues at our mini-ranch and problems that involved my working outside in the downpour. Of course, I caught the mother of all colds, and it lasted the full month. My usual mental, physical and spiritual therapy routine is to get outside for a hike, a horseback ride or just enjoy my drive to work and, unfortunately, the steady rain didn't leave me many options, especially while I was so sick. And to top it off, I was experiencing some tough family issues. May turned into a train wreck! Then, June dawned.

It's bright and sunny and warm and lovely! The grass and trees are bursting with health and joy at having had all that lovely moisture and the sun helps all of creation to feel reborn. Finally, pretty flowers can be planted without the threat of snow and hail. In just two days, I golfed, hiked, rode my horses and, on my way to work one morning, I saw baby elk at the lake and a beautiful bear trundling up the road at Upper Bear Creek.

Talk about enjoying this recent burst of warmth, here's my sweet dog, Nutmeg, basking in the sun. I hope that you, too, are reveling in these wonderful, cheery, SUNNY days! Please come enjoy the glorious drive along the creek and into our valley, relax on our beautiful patio and enjoy summertime services with us. Yippee!

Spa Babe is Ashely Deckard

Bea Green
Spa Babe

Bea Green has been chosen to receive the Spa Babe award, our highest honor, given because of her super hard working attitude, amazing guest reviews, and passion for massage therapy.

Bea came to TallGrass when, after 20 years in the corporate world, she needed a change. Having been the recipient of many massages during her business career, she understood how stress-relieving massages can be and decided to try the other side of the table. "I took Monty Python's advice," she says. "You know, they always say: 'Now for something completely different.'" She enrolled in massage school where most of her classmates were just figuring out what they wanted to do. But, Bea knew exactly what she liked - all of it. And so, Bea has worked in spas, athletic clubs, healthcare and now, happily, she's at TallGrass.

A big change like that can be scary, but everything fell into place for her here at TallGrass. "I work in a great place," Bea explains. "I have more time off, a three-minute walk to work, a four-day work week, and lots of opportunities for camping, reading, relaxing and enjoying Colorado." Sounds like she's managed to create a beautiful lifestyle. And we are so glad to be part of it!

Bea is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Ridings.


Father's Day

When you're thinking about a cool gift for Dad, consider our Men's Tune-up Package. It's perfect for the first time spa-goer or one who's a regular guest because it offers the services men enjoy most - our calming and toning mountain man facial and a relaxing 50-minute customized massage. This package is just $235 on weekdays or $255 on weekends and our instantly printable gift certificate in a manly moose design is so easy to order online.


Available for Adoption

Shih Tzu
female, 15 lbs., 10 yrs.
Easy to care for, wants to be near people, gets along with cats and other dogs, loves her crate, best in a home without small children, has short legs and needs a little human assistance with stairs.

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League