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March Newsletter Bonus...
Our winter season Melt Away Package is…well…melting away. But, there is still time to enjoy a Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Scrub and Hot Stone Massage at savings of $50.

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Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

I heard on the news the other morning that every state except Florida had snow on the ground and Boston is bracing for another record breaking storm. So, for much of the country, March indeed "comes in like a lion." In Evergreen, we are blessed to have the beauty of a snowy landscape, certainly different from the snow in downtown Chicago where I lived for nearly 15 years. It's truly a beautiful world of white up here and, even though the snow can cause travel problems and the cold can make being outside a bit more difficult, I choose to embrace it all.

This reminds me of a metaphor I learned in a recent class: We can choose what "weather" we carry around with us each day. Are we stormy and gloomy, or sunny and positive? It is a choice. Regardless of what life tosses my way, I can choose my reaction. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Over the years, I've been working more and more on my own attitude and it's making my life so much better. But, I confess, I am still working on consistency.

I will be practicing this skill during these winter-into-spring months so that I can view the next snowstorm or cold snap with gratitude and patience. While I have no control over exactly when the spring weather comes, I plan to enjoy the process with a smile!

Hope you're carrying good "weather" with you every day!

Beauty 1

Heidi Boehm
Spa Babe

A career in massage therapy has been a ticket to adventure for Heidi. She's a mid-western gal who spent time in Alaska working at a tourist lodge and then came to Colorado and discovered the perfect spot at TallGrass. "It's a beautiful place to be," she says.

We hear this all the time. People who first visit as guests like the spa so much that they want to come to work here. And, that's Heidi's story, too. She loves the unique personalities and positive attitudes of her fellow team members. Her strong work ethic, team spirit, kindness and caring make her the perfect fit. Our guests agree. She receives a lot of great reviews.

Heidi likes working with the Massage Team to create the seasonal treatments that are offered periodically throughout the year and she is especially enthused about the Melt Away Package - a combination of a Cinnamon Mocha Body Scrub and Hot Stone Massage. "Cocoa powder is so detoxifying, the cinnamon is great for circulation," she says, "and it smells delicious, too."

Heidi is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Ridings.


Spring into Indulgence

What's new for spring, you ask? Why, it's our Spring into Indulgence package, available for a limited time only, April through June. It includes our Ultimate Chakra Pedicure, the most luxurious service in our nail care menu, and the gift of a pair of elegant Batucada flip flops valued at $27.

There are many great reasons why we're calling this Chakra Pedicure 'the ultimate.' We start with our specialty nail service for feet including a sea salt scrub, hydrating paraffin treatment or blue oil masque, warm neck wrap or blue oil application, plus attention to nails and cuticles. And, then we add the extra treat of a pressure point reflexology massage with Aveda's Chakra Balancing Blend, followed by your choice of polish.

The Batucuda flip flops, springtime newcomers to our Boutique, are made from eco-friendly materials, in fashionable designs, with a comfortable fit. They are the perfect match to our philosophy of offering beauty without sacrificing the environment. Batucudas are handcrafted, kind to skin, and composed of fully recyclable materials free of nickel, lead and latex. Feather light, they are ultra-comfortable in warm weather.

Treat yourself to our Spring into Indulgence package beginning in April. It's an 80-minute service, priced at $80 on Monday through Thursday and $90 on Friday through Sunday. As always, you can enjoy savings at TallGrass on weekdays.


Available for Adoption

Yorkie mix
3-yr-old, male
Good with other dogs, sweet temperament, enjoys time outside and really takes advantage of "lap time"

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League