give them something wildly different this holiday season
give them something wildly different this holiday season the perfect gift

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Message from Gail Ridings

Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

Some of you know that I am a recovering alcoholic. I've been sober for over 17 years, and today I don't have the desire to drink. I have never been secretive about my affliction because I feel honored to share my experience, strength and hope with anyone suffering with similar issues. Recently, the husband of a dear friend of mine started to attend AA meetings and just celebrated 60 days of sobriety. She is going to the meetings too and, though she is not an alcoholic, she has been telling me how much she is learning about self-discovery and how much her opinion of AA has changed from doubt to admiration.

I have recently been struggling with a couple of issues (not related to alcohol) and my conversations with her have reminded me that AA not only taught me how to stop drinking, but also how to live a productive, happy life. I've found that God -- or the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in -- has a way of reminding us how to find our way again. My conversations with her did that. I am so grateful to be gifted with this guidance again and again and again.

I hope that you and your family and friends are blessed with peace, joy, wisdom and health in 2015. All of us at TallGrass thank you for your patronage and friendship. Happy New Year!


Michelle Junk
Spa Babe

It makes us smile to work with Michelle because she is just so happy all the time. She's happy to be working in the Laundry Department, happy to be attending massage school and happy to be part of the TallGrass family.

"I really like it," she says, "working downstairs in the Laundry Room, behind the scenes." Her busy days are filled with washing, drying, folding and delivering fluffy towels and robes to all areas of the spa. And, that makes our guests happy, too.

Michelle was named spa babe because of her positive attitude, great work ethic and a motto that we can all aspire to live by - "Can't means won't."

Thanks, Michelle, for setting such a great example for us all!

Michelle is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Ridings.

Philanthropy Report 2014

Philanthropy Report 2014
We Strive to Give Back to the World*

A huge part of the TallGrass culture is to care for the world we live in. In fact, it's one of the core values that inspire us each day. Everyone - our owner, our staff, family, friends and even our guests - joins our campaigns to help make a difference in the world for causes that support children, animals, seniors, soldiers serving in Afghanistan, the environment, health issues and people experiencing poverty.

In 2014, we raised and donated $15,000 to area non-profits and we volunteered 1,300 hours to help make our world a better place. At the same time, we built team unity and became better connected to our community.

Thanks to the wonderful organizations we support for showing us ways to get involved and thanks to everyone who participated in the service and the fun...at our annual dog wash, fashion show, cut-a-thon, holiday party and walk-a-thon. It's been a rewarding and productive year for philanthropy at TallGrass.

*from the TallGrass Statement of Core Values


Available for Adoption

2-3 yr. male Poodle Mix 
Smart, sweet, loves dogs, has had a difficult life and needs a gentle, loving, quiet home.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League