give them something wildly different this holiday season
give them something wildly different this holiday season wildly different holiday gifts

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Message from Gail Ridings

Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

I just celebrated my 60th birthday. My dear girlfriends threw me a fabulous, touching, surprise party and Chuck and I went to the Western Slope for a couple of days for a fun getaway. So, I did indeed celebrate. And, while I always count my blessings for every healthy and happy birthday, this one - for the first time in my life - has thrown me for a bit of a loop.

Remember when you thought that someone in their sixties was "elderly"? Say, a woman with little round glasses, a shawl and a cane? I certainly don't feel old, but I realize that I'm in the last third of my life (if I live to be 90). Wow! That makes each day even MORE precious and I renew AGAIN my vow to not waste a single minute!

The holidays have so many opportunities for special moments. Not just for celebrations with family and friends, but the excitement in the eyes of a child, a Christmas carol that brings fond memories, the sound of the Salvation Army bells, the chance to volunteer and help someone in need (see our Soldier Boxes and Christmas Stockings story below) or just a quiet moment of gratitude and appreciation in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Our family at TallGrass has been honored to serve you this past year and we wish you the very best during this wonderful season. We hope to share our holiday joy with you very soon!


Soldier Boxes, Christmas Stockings and Channel 7

We are so proud of our Deb Dickinson. For years now, you've been hearing about how she spearheads our Soldier Box and Christmas Stocking projects, making sure we are always up front and ready to go with help for those in need at holiday time and throughout the year. We've celebrated and admired her within our TallGrass family and now the entire community will have a chance to meet Deb and discover her generous spirit and boundless compassion.

Deb is the recipient of KMGH TV's 7Everyday Hero Award. Yesterday, at a get together at her home where we were packing soldier boxes for troops in Afghanistan and stuffing stockings for area children, she was surprised by a visit from weekend news anchor Mitch Jelniker and a film crew from Channel 7. We mean, really surprised! She had no idea that she had been nominated by a fellow TallGrass team member and that Channel 7 loves her story so much that they want to share it with the community. You can see the big surprise on 7News broadcasts starting on Dec. 7 and continuing throughout the week and also on the station's website at 7Everyday Hero.

Congratulations, Deb! We are so proud of you!

Deb is pictured here with Mitch Jelniker.

Message from Gail Ridings

'Tis the Season...
For Gift Certificates

Many kinds of gift certificates are given at holiday time but only a TallGrass gift certificate comes with the promise of a perfect day.

There are lots of choices. We have instantly printable certificates in a variety of holiday designs or you can order a traditional certificate beautifully wrapped with tall grasses. Our website offers suggestions for the perfect gifts for veteran spa goers and first-timers and our Hint Offer lets you send a hint to let someone know that you'd like a TallGrass gift certificate for the holidays.

You can be sure your TallGrass gift certificate will be redeemed with pleasure!


Available for Adoption

Brulee (m) and Linen (f)
Born 8/16/2014, maybe Shepherd/Golden x mix. Happy, playful, bouncing and pouncing, these two are sweethearts.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League