give them something wildly different this holiday season
give them something wildly different this holiday season wildly different gifts

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Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

Yes, that's me in the chicken hat. And, Tarah Howard, our Spa Director, is the bunny. That's right. We're dressed like this in front of our staff at the TallGrass all-staff meeting today. Isn't it obvious? We're ushering in Spring!

The TallGrass team knows all too well that I am a bit goofy. I love costumes, crazy skits and silly songs. As do my friends. My thinking is: why not inject a little surprise, a little fun, a little playtime into our lives? Sometimes, things can be so incredibly serious - painful, hard, sad, exhausting. So, whenever possible, I like to add a bit of celebration and laughter to lighten the load.

No doubt, there are folks who will roll their eyes or shake their heads, but really, what's the harm? Maybe, if more of us donned a funny wig or zany sunglasses at an unusual moment, the world might be an easier place to inhabit. At least it will make someone smile. I hope it's you!


Earth Month

In honor of Earth Day, we set aside a whole month to celebrate and raise funds to protect the earth and its people. We're part of Aveda's worldwide campaign which, since 1999, has raised more than $32 million for organizations like Global Greengrants Fund and clean water projects in the USA and around the world.

Here at TallGrass, department-by-department, we have lots of fun raising money and awareness for Western Resource Advocates, a Boulder-based non-profit organization committed to protecting the West's land, air and water. There are plenty of ways for you to join us all month long.

Guest Relations is selling paper water droplets to hang on the walls in the reception area for a $5 donation.

In addition to the Cut-A-Thon that our hair stylists conducted earlier this week, an Express Botanical Hair Treatment is available in the salon for a $20 donation.

The Massage Department will add hot stones to your massage for a $10 donation.

In the Nail Room, you can buy Earth Month suckers for $1 each.

Our estheticians will gladly add a lip wax or brow wax to any Skin Care treatment for a $10 donation.

And, please don't forget to pick up a couple of Earth Month limited edition Light the Way candles when you are at TallGrass. 100% of the $12 purchase price goes towards the protection of clean water around the world.

Internally, we have a few projects that we organize just for ourselves, like Jeans for Greens, one of our most popular promotions, when the TallGrass team purchases the privilege of wearing jeans to work for $10 donations. We'll have a bake sale that goes beyond cookies and pies where we pull out all the stops and tempt each other with treats like lasagna and a taco bar. And, the Laundry department decorates gently used spa slippers that we purchase for donations.


Available for Adoption

1-yr-old, female Aussie
Loves people and other dogs, likes to swim and is good on a leash; likes the dog park, chases her own ball, barking at it. Best in a home without small children.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League