give them something wildly different this holiday season
give them something wildly different this holiday season a wildy different "i love you"

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Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner

Sorry, but I'm not a fan of February.

January is pretty good, though. Since I'm a cowgirl, it's my time to enjoy the National Western Stock Show. I'm usually there several times playing with the animals in the petting zoo and talking with the ranchers and farmers about their prize steer or champion pig. It breaks up my month and makes the cold, short days more manageable.

For me, February has only one particularly sweet time - Valentine's Day. Yes, I know it started as a commercial holiday to sell greeting cards and chocolates, but how can anyone argue with a day that's set aside to celebrate love? Chuck and I are going to sneak away for a quick holiday out of town. We thought about going to another spa but, frankly I doubt it, because we've already been spoiled by TallGrass with a pre-Valentine's Day couples massage.

Let's all celebrate one of the best emotions: LOVE! I hope you'll grab your sweetie, your best friend or a family member whom you love and have a great Valentine's celebration together. A Tango Massage maybe?

Beauty 1

Kristina Stefaniuk, Spa Babe

When she's at work in the Guest Relations department at TallGrass, Kristina has everything under control. She loves her job and the people she works with and she really has a handle on customer service. Co-workers describe her as having a knack for putting people at ease and working well with absolutely everyone. Always eager to help and ready to jump in at any moment, "amazing" is the word they use to describe her. It's easy to understand why she's been awarded the Spa Babe title.

At home, well, it's a bit of a different story. There's a lot happening. "I'm somebody who doesn't know what to do first," she explains. "I am way to busy all the time and I have to try hard to leave one day a week without plans." It's no wonder. Kristina volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol, she is a writer and a piano player. She's learning to master the new violin she got for Christmas. And, she draws, too.

Congratulations, Kristina. We're happy you are part of the TallGrass family.

Pictured here: Kristina Stefaniuk with TallGrass owner Gail Ridings.


Available for Adoption

2-3 yr-old, female Chihuahua
Cute, sweet, little round ball of love; likes her food too much so she needs a home that will keep her on a diet; gets along with dogs and cats; good with children and a home with older children is best; loves people and is a complete lap dog

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League