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Our Himalayan Hydration Massage comes with a complimentary custom-scented jar of Himalayan bath salts for you to take home.

Message from Gail Sharp

October 2022


"Without change, there'd be no butterflies…" (Maya Angelou)

As I've aged, I've allowed change to unnerve me. My guess is that many of you aren't thrilled with change, either.

Recently, in the same day mind you 😊, a neighbor couple whom I don't know very well told me they were moving to Florida and my long-time trash company said it wasn't taking care of my area any longer. Two relatively unimportant things upset me. Really, Gail?

As a dear friend often remarks, "Nothing stays the same." But I want it to, dammit! Of course, there are many good changes – cancer moving into remission, buying a new home, welcoming a newborn baby into the family. But, even those good changes can sometimes be unsettling.

One of our 10 core values at TallGrass (and, yes, we work on these diligently) is "We practice balance and flexibility." Flexible instead of rigid. That's how trees and grasses successfully survive the wind and storms by not bending and breaking. So, my plan is to work harder at accepting change, not whining and dragging my feet.

One thing you can always count on that won't ever change is our devotion to awe and inspire our dear guests – and our staff, too. Please visit us soon and let us show you how!

Another constant is our annual project to help military men and women. This year, we are continuing our program to supply backpacks to homeless veterans. See details below and thanks in advance for your support!!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com .

TallGrass Annual Soldier Bags Project

Homeless Vet

Now through Veterans Day, November 11, we are collecting much-needed items and assembling them into string backpacks for veterans experiencing homelessness in metro Denver and along the Front Range. Supplies vets can use include wet wipes, hand sanitizer, bars of soap, face masks, combs, razors, small tubes of shave cream, bottled water, hand and foot warmers, small or medium size men's underwear, lip balm, stick deodorant, and toothpaste and brush packs. (No socks, please.)

These items, along with handwritten notes of appreciation to thank vets for their service, may be dropped off at TallGrass or Wild Game Entertainment at 1204 Bergen Parkway, during normal business hours. Donations are being accepted now through November 10, and backpacks will be assembled by TallGrass staff and volunteers the following day.

If you need more info, please give us a call at 303-670-4444. Thanks!


Available for Adoption

Dachshund, male, 7 yrs, 16 lbs

This handsome, strutting, ginger dude is currently in a foster home where he likes to use the dog door, loves to help with laundry, looooooves socks, and cuddling on the couch. He gets along with other dogs, big and small, and is very food motivated so that makes training easy. He is a talker, however, so his family needs to work with him on that behavior.

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League
www . EAPL . com

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