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Message from Gail Sharp

August 2022

Little Ranch

This past month has brought some necessary changes to my little ranch. Change is never easy and this one isn't either. When discussing the issue with a dear friend, she suggested a possible solution. It seemed to make perfect sense. I followed her idea and one perfect door opened after another. All of us involved were so excited about what we expected to happen. The universe was totally supporting us! Wahooooo!!! That is, until everything fell through in a dramatic fashion that left me totally shocked and even devastated - probably overly so – but I was just so surprised. I had counted my chickens before they hatched!

Have you ever had something that felt perfect, then got snatched away? I'm certain that you have. It's part of an "interesting" life. It shakes our faith and confidence. Someone told me years ago that she doesn't assign "good" or "bad" labels to any occurrence anymore. Things she thought were good, turned out to be not so great and bad happenings had amazing gifts inside.

So, after the bad news explosion recently, I know that I need to keep moving forward. Right now, I'm in the middle of the story, before the conclusion, amid the confusion. One day at a time, my friends and I start again. I do know that the story will have the appropriate ending and things will eventually work out.

I pray that your past month has been one of joys and healing, of lazy summer days and joyous activities outside, with NO bad news. All of us at TallGrass are always here to share in your happy times and tough times alike. We can do it together!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com .

TallGrass Event Update

Dog Wash

At our 10th Super Sudsy Dog Wash, we washed 54 dogs plus an additional 15 foster dogs for a total of 69. That's a lot of fluffy puppies! Dog washes and donations came to an amazing $1,416 for Evergreen Animal Protective League. Happily, there was lots of interest in pet adoptions – one pre-approved adoption took place and two applications are pending. A perfect ending to a perfect day, thanks to amazing support from volunteers and our community!

Next on our event calendar is the JOY International Mountain Community Barefoot Mile on Saturday, August 27, at Marshdale Park in Conifer, when we'll be walking in solidarity with impoverished and trafficked children worldwide. If you'd like to get involved in person or virtually, there's more info here.


Available for Adoption

Australian Shepherd /mixed, female, 3 mos.

Phoebe will make an amazing family dog. Such a sweet puppy, she loves people of all ages and loves playing with other dogs. She is crate trained at night and is getting the hang of potty training, too. Since being placed in her foster home, she has really come out of her shell and now she's ready for her forever home!

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League
www . EAPL . com

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