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Message from Gail Sharp

April 2022

TG Elk Lot 1

One of the many wonderful aspects of living in Evergreen is the plethora of wildlife. They bring me such joy and peace. Never a day goes by that I don't see some type of beautiful animal or bird. I've seen a bear swim in my ranch pond, coyotes regularly trotting through my pastures, and ducks and geese appearing when my little pond is melting. At the ranch and at TallGrass, I see red and black foxes, raccoons, skunks, bunnies and, of course, squirrels and chipmunks. The songs of birds are growing louder every day and yesterday a bald eagle was flying ahead of me as I was on my way to work on Upper Bear Creek Road. Deer and elk are everywhere. Breathtaking!

I hope you have a chance to see these lovely animals when you come to visit TallGrass. With babies in the spring or rut in the fall, their antics and beauty are so much fun to watch.

The problem with all of this abundance of wildlife is that many of us humans aren't doing our best to coexist with these lovely creatures. One of the most dreadful sights is to see an injured elk or deer at the side of the road – hit by a car. Sometimes a deer can jump out in front of a car and it happens so quickly, but more often these accidents happen because a motorist isn't paying attention or is driving too fast to avoid a collision. Two weeks ago, I saw three elk who were hit all at once by one car. One died on impact and the other two had to be euthanized at the scene. It was just horrible.

Because of these accidents and other not so great interactions with wildlife, one of our long-time guests, Christie Greene, recently started a non-profit called Wild Aware. She is working with state and local officials to help stop accidents and other problems that people are causing with local wildlife.

As you probably know, we consider our animal friends an important part of the experience of coming to TallGrass. Our "Spanimals" are a huge part of our branding. And, all of us are animal lovers! So, we will be doing our part in several ways to help Wild Aware get more people involved and raise money. If you, too, feel that our animal friends are a wonderful part of our world, please sign up here to receive Wild Aware newsletters and consider becoming a volunteer or donating to help this fledgling non-profit soar.

Let's do our part to keep our animal friends safe and healthy. And, please keep an eye out for all the critters along the road on your drive to see us at TallGrass. Joy!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com .


Available for Adoption

Luna and Paul
Chihuahua, 2 1/2 yrs, 6 lbs and 8 lbs
This bonded duo must be adopted together. They just love to cuddle and, as long as they are together, they are happily confident -- in the yard, ready for new adventures, and getting along with everyone they meet. Fantastic eaters, they are very food motivated so training is a breeze.

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League
www . EAPL . com

Note: Your visit to TallGrass is a chance to unwind and disconnect. Keep in mind that cell service and WiFi are unreliable here. Also, GPS reception could become blocked and navigation can be lost.