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February Newsletter Bonus...
We're celebrating duos in February with two gifts for two people – custom mixed Apricot Oil and Himalayan Salt Scrub – when each receives services of $100 or more.

Message from Gail Sharp

February 2022


Here's a sentence I said yesterday when friends came to my house: "I put my teeth in for you!" Maybe I imagined I'd be saying that in my 90's but never at 67.

Unfortunately, due to a weird dental issue, I had my four lower front teeth pulled last week. Hey, there's nothing like seeing your face with four missing front teeth to make you feel beautiful! 😊 Most likely, I'll have to wear a temporary bridge for a year if I am successful with getting implants. I must take it out every time I eat.

I noticed something though. When I smile, even without the bridge, no one can see my missing teeth. I look and feel amazingly normal. Certainly, I'm not suggesting that we cover up whatever is bothering us with a fake smile. But, the act of smiling does something for us – it releases endorphins which help us feel happier and more positive. Whether your smile is genuine or not, it can act on your body and mind in a variety of beneficial ways.

So, in this depths-of-winter month, please join me in smiling. There is much to smile about – Valentine's Day dedicated to love, the waning (I hope, I hope) COVID numbers, and spring items being displayed in stores – okay perhaps a bit early, but hopeful don't you think?

Here's to our beautiful smiles!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com.


Available for Adoption

Plott Hound, female, 18 mos, 40 lbs

Sweet, lovable Gemma is a bit large for a lap dog but she doesn't know it. She's a playful and curious pup who loves to be outside, is learning to walk on a leash, and gets along pretty well with other dogs.

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League
www . EAPL . com

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