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Message from Gail Sharp

December 2020

Gail and dogs

Many of you may never have heard of Tony Hsieh. He recently died at age 46 from complications of a house fire. He was a visionary leader and an incredible human lost so young.

His legacy is varied and incredible. As the CEO of Zappos, an online retailer which began as a shoe company, he was the keynote speaker at a spa conference I attended over 10 years ago. He taught me the importance of "culture" in a company and he changed my life – most especially regarding TallGrass. After I came back from his astonishing talk, I requested books from his company, and immersed myself in how he created such incredible success and loyalty – not by concerning himself first and foremost with profit – he knew that would come – but by caring for and focusing on his team.

At TallGrass, a mission statement "To Awe and Inspire" and 10 Value Statements make up our culture. We center everything around these tenets, including hiring and reviews. I implore you to learn more about Tony's philosophy especially if you are working with team members. And if you are not currently working in such an environment, culture has a place in your personal life, too. In families, with friends, within charitable organizations, ask yourself: What is the culture that I am building?What are the values that are clear and well understood by my team? I hope you can name a few right off the top of your head.

During this astonishingly challenging time of our lives, it is even more important to consistently draw our attention back to our values and what we believe in. I am convinced that this focus will keep us strong and able to cope. Of course, high on my list are love and gratitude.

Thank you for continuing to support and care for us. We certainly do value you as part of our family.

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com.


Available for Adoption

Great Pyrenees mix, 18 mos, female

Menzie is a fun-loving puppy who gets along with dogs of all sizes, cats, kids and adults, too. A home with a fenced yard and other dogs to play with would be perfect. She's making leaps and bounds with hip surgery rehab and is ready for her forever home.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League
EAPL . com

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