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Message from Gail Sharp

November 2020

Twenty-five years ago this week, my business partner, Nancy Bible, and I opened TallGrass. My primary catalyst for the reality of TallGrass was my mother's death. Losing her forced me to look at my life and discover I'd had enough of corporate America, the big city Chicago life, my focus on power and money. When I quit my job to be with my mom in her last months, my boss told me I was making a horrible mistake and questioned my plan moving forward. I had no plan – other than move to Colorado, live a rural lifestyle, and get a dog and bring it to work with me.

Through many serendipitous happenings (I do think a higher power – and my mother – was at work!) I ended up in Evergreen with the idea of a day spa. Back then, there were just two spas in Denver and no information, no organizations, no consultants, no magazines, no software for operating a spa.

Without knowing anyone in Colorado, knowing nothing about the spa industry, and choosing a location down a winding road 5-1/2 miles from the center of a small town, we began our dream. Many who watched us then told us later that they shook their heads and wondered what two inexperienced women were thinking.

Off we went with three massage therapists, one nail tech, and one esthetician. During these beginning months, I told myself I would work very hard and, if the universe (higher power, God) supported us, TallGrass would succeed. If not, I would switch to plan B: maybe I'll be a waitress­čśŐ?

It worked. A seemingly crazy idea flourished. Things fell into place. Eventually Nancy moved on, as talented team members helped me build this company and incredible guests gave their support. Despite many challenges – including COVID – we continue on. My dream came true.

You, too, may have dreams – wild, crazy, coocoo ideas. I encourage you to explore them. Put them out to God, the universe, whatever you believe. See what happens. Even in these tough times, we still need to move toward our dreams, big and small.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I'm declaring that TallGrass is my precious child. Everyone who comes in the door - staff and guests - are part of my family. And my heart could not be more connected to them all.

My gratitude is boundless.

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com.


Available for Adoption

Female, 7 yrs, long hair, domestic cat

A sweet, beautiful girl, Sheridan loves to have her soft coat brushed. She's a talker, too. Visit her in the cat room at Chow Down Pet Supply in Evergreen (where all the cats enjoy visitors during business hours) and then go online to submit your application to adopt this sweet girl.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League
EAPL . com

Note: Your visit to TallGrass is a chance to unwind and disconnect. Keep in mind that cell service and WiFi are unreliable here. Also, GPS reception could become blocked and navigation can be lost.