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earth month Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

March 2020... I wonder. Have you ever felt the pendulum may have swung too far?

There are many examples of organizations, processes, and rules that were conceived to be absolutely the right ways to correct wrongs and help people live better lives. Take the American Disabilities Act for instance, or unions, service animals, and lawsuits designed to even the playing field.

But then, some unscrupulous people twisted these good acts by pushing the envelope in less than honest ways to benefit themselves and maybe make some extra money – like the customer who sues the restaurant because she was burned when she spilled her coffee in her lap or the shopper who brings his miniature horse to the mall and declares it a service animal. I'll bet you are thinking right now about examples of pendulums swung too far.

And then there's me. I've been known to take things to the extreme. In the past, I'd go on a strict diet with a 1,000 calorie daily limit for a week or two. Of course, I couldn't keep up this ridiculous routine. So within a month, my pendulum swung waaaay back in the other direction to gorging on every forbidden food I could stuff into my mouth. Or, how about my misguided plan to work out for an hour every day. Yep, it was good for a while and then the gym became a distant memory.

But the point of this column isn't about service animals or dieting. It's about swinging too far.

I know you've experienced this phenomenon: laws or rules that start out so smart and so useful go so wrong, and extremism becomes the enemy. Let's hear it for moderation, balance, logical limits, and sane ways to solve problems. Let's all work to keep the drama on the stage.

I hope you'll consider TallGrass to be your safe sanctuary, where you can escape the crazy extremes. We promise to preserve a peaceful, gentle, middle ground here for you.

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com .


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