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Message from Gail Sharp
December 2019

Tall Grass Spa Logo At our recent All Staff Meeting, one of our team members spoke about taking a "pause" before reacting to a stressful situation.

I can certainly relate to that advice. Sometimes, I speak before thinking about what I want to say. Or I talk before the other person is even finished giving their input. Ugh. Having reached my Medicare birthday this year, you'd think I'd have this stuff in hand by now. I'm working on it!

Adding the pause technique to every day interactions can be a total game changer, especially useful during the holidays when in the company of certain family members or friends who do not share our views. If we take a minute to pause, breathe, and connect to our hearts before reacting, we'll all benefit. And, you can also use the pause to savor a moment. Rather than rushing a weekday meal with family, or speeding through a business phone call, or quickly opening holiday presents one-after-the-other-after-the-other, we can pause to appreciate each experience.

This holiday will never be exactly the same again. So, I encourage you to use the pause button this month and continue using it during 2020. Let's help each other slow down, take a breath, open our hearts, and enjoy every moment.

All of us TallGrass appreciate your taking time to pause and relax with us, and we send our best wishes for a lovely holiday and a spectacular 2020!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com.


Available for Adoption

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Healer/Mixed
Female, 4 months, 25 lbs

Very sweet, gets along well with all the dogs in her foster home, has cattle dog characteristics – alert, intelligent, loyal, watchful and courageous

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