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Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

Message from Gail Sharp

I don’t know about you, but lately I don’t like listening to the news or even checking Facebook. Everywhere I look or listen, there’s something sad, or scary, or both. The tragic flooding in Texas, the frightening situation with North Korea, wildfires in Montana and Canada, the terrible violence and hatred being shown against minorities, and our own divisive, shocking political happenings are all beyond awful.

I certainly don’t want to stick my head in the sand and say “oh well” – or worse – “whatever” but constant worry and focus on all of this bad news isn’t helpful either. It’s interesting how people tend to gravitate towards and talk about terrible things rather than good news. Gossip is a prime example. Yuck!

So, I’m limiting my exposure to negative news. I will donate, I will write to my political representatives, I will say my prayers for those suffering. Past that, I will think about the good things in my life and around the world. Certainly, there continues to be so much to be grateful for. And, of course, what we focus on will grow. I hope that you, too, can resist dwelling on all the bad news and can embrace the beauty and goodness that surrounds you!


Cherie Paul
Spa Babe

Ask Cherie Paul what she likes about working at TallGrass and she’ll tell you: “It’s like being at a summer camp for girls.” She loves the camaraderie and supportive feeling she gets from being part of a team of (mostly) women who get along so well. “The girl power is strong here,” she says. “We take care of each other, we have a lot of fun, and we are all focused on our guest’s experience.”

Our newest spa babe, Cherie is the behind-the-scenes person who manages two important budgets at TallGrass. She responds to requests from area nonprofits asking for gift certificates for their silent auctions and she purchases supplies that keep the spa stocked with all the day-to-day essentials. And, because she enjoys establishing an efficient routine and seeing that things run smoothly, she handles it all with great ease, earning her TallGrass’s highest honor, the spa babe award.

Cherie is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Sharp.

Soldier Boxes

Soldier Boxes

This is your call for action! We’re gearing up for the holiday shipment of care packages to our troops in the Middle East. You’re invited to help and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Start by saving your travel size toiletries, or purchasing them from the TallGrass display of Aveda travel size products (at our cost, of course). Be sure to make plans to fill the collection boxes you’ll soon be seeing at points around town, including Wild Game, local schools, participating businesses and organizations, and at TallGrass. Get going with knitting the stocking caps in camo or sand colored yarn that are much-appreciated by soldiers. And, be ready to join us at Wild Game in October to help pack the Soldier Boxes for shipment in early November.

You can let our troops know they are not forgotten at holiday time by supporting the Soldier Box Project!



Groundbreaking Day at TallGrass was cause for celebration. As the first construction vehicles rolled into action, the excitement mounted, and we could see that our grand plan for a Meditation Room was well on the way to becoming reality. Once the tractors depart and the dust settles, we’ll be thrilled to offer our guests a special place for quiet contemplation.

EAPL Animal of the Month

EAPL Animal of the Month Boomer
Terrier Mix, male, 8+ yrs, 15 lbs

K9 State of Mind Training graduate, good with other dogs and cats, not a cuddle dog, is a man of his own with a big dog attitude

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League