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Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

Guess what I'm celebrating? Meet Willy and Bates, my two new, beyond adorable, 6-week-old miniature Nigerian goats!

Many people have human kids. I just happen to have another kind! They are ushering in summer for me and my animal family and are the perfect way to jumpstart the fun of the lovely, warm, action-packed months ahead.

I hope you, your family and friends are just as eager to celebrate this wonderful time of year! Quite possibly, that will include a special time up here with us at TallGrass where it will be much more peaceful than in my barn with sweet - but loud - bleats of baby goats!

Colorado Delta River TallGrass Gift for Dad

Do you think Dad would like a Mountain Man Facial? Or a Therapeutic Massage? Why decide? Give him a TallGrass gift certificate and let him choose the services he'd like most.

But, there is one decision you have to make - Instantly Printable or Traditional. Visit our gift certificate page and pick the style of gift certificate that you like best.

Christmas Trees Soldier Boxes

Soldier box care packages for our troops stationed in areas in the Middle East are being assembled for the Mother's Day/Father's Day shipment next week. There is still time for you to get involved by contributing personal care items and cash donations to help cover postage.

We're collecting contributions of travel size toiletries, personal wipes, playing cards, small games, and summer season necessities like lip balm, sun screen and cooling neck wraps, along with hand-written cards. To be sure, your cards and letters get the most enthusiastic response from soldiers and we encourage you to take a few minutes to write notes and let our troops know they are not forgotten.

Colorado Delta River Top Workplace

Once again, we have been recognized by The Denver Post as a Top Workplace. Because this honor is based on a survey about our workplace completed by our own employees, it's a very big deal to us. It means that not only is TallGrass a great place to work but that the success of our company is due in large part to the enthusiasm, commitment, and devotion of our employees. We are so proud!


Available for Adoption

Wire Hair Terrier Mixed, male, 20 lbs, 3 yrs

Loves to snuggle, has completed heartworm treatment and is resuming a playful, active lifestyle

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League