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May Newsletter Bonus...
You and Mom will enjoy beautiful nails with Tropical Bliss Pedicures for the two of you, along with our gift of complimentary manicures.

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Christmas Trees Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

I believe that our thoughts create our reality. So, I'm quite disappointed when I see snow forecasted again for this weekend. My thoughts are about flowers and butterflies and green grass and sunshine-filled warm days. I guess the universe is making sure that those things will flourish after this bout of moisture. The saying "instant gratification takes too long" applies here. One of my worst faults is impatience and it's showing! This latest snow will melt quickly (if it even sticks to the ground for a while) and May will fly by as it always does.

I always think of Mother's Day as the harbinger of warmth, growth, and fun-filled summer days. That's because I remember my own Mom as having those characteristics. It's been 21 years since she left this world and I still miss her.

I hope that you are able to spend time with your own mother, grandmother, or children for this special holiday. Mothers deserve every bit of support and love we can give them. God bless our Moms!

Colorado Delta River Lacey Amling
Spa Babe

Super talented stylist Lacey Amling joins the ranks of the TallGrass spa babes by bringing a high level of skill to her work in our hair salon, connecting in a profound way with each of her guests, and letting her artistic side shine through everything she does.

Lacey welcomes change. At work and in her personal life. She likes helping guests undertake big hair style changes, finding out about their lifestyles and maintenance needs, and working with them to create just the perfect new look. In her private life, a big move from Iowa to Colorado was sparked by a desire to move on and see what else the world has to offer. "Colorado reminds me of Iowa in some ways," she says. "Of course, the mountains here make it different. But still, I can get close to nature, see lots of animals and find inspiration for my paintings and artwork."

Colorado is the perfect landing place for Lacey. And, we're really glad she's here.

Lacey is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Sharp.

You + Mom @ TallGrass = Celebration

Christmas Trees Bring Mom to TallGrass in May and we'll help you two celebrate. There are lots of choices for ways to treat your Mom, starting with our May bonus of a Tropical Bliss Pedicure and complimentary Regular Manicure. We'd love to take a photo of the two of you in front of our Step and Repeat screen with the special message you select. And, we can make your visit extra special with our limited edition seasonal services, like Pear and Green Apple Sugar Scrub, Ultimate Berry Blast Facial, or Spring Scalp Detox.

If you can't make it to TallGrass in May, give Mom a gift certificate along with your promise of a date this summer when the two of you can come for a relaxing, enjoyable visit. We have cute designs for instantly printable gift certificates conveniently purchased online, and don't forget about our traditional gift certificates, which come beautifully wrapped in tall grasses. They are available online, too, and also by phone and in person. Pretty, easy, and loving ways to say "I celebrate you, Mom!


Available for Adoption

Terrier / Mixed (medium coat), female, 4 mos. 6 lbs

Sweet little terrier who loves everyone, curious, quick learner, funny and always ready for a snuggle.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League