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Christmas Trees Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

As I've aged, one of the key things I've learned is that life is short and we really have only today. Who knows what tomorrow brings? So, let's make the most of the day we're living. And, that philosophy leads me to my passionate belief in celebrations!

When I was younger, it seemed cool to have a "no big deal" attitude about birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, holidays. Ho, hum, just another day. Nothing to get too worked up about. My, how my perspective has changed! Now, every day, every event — big or small — is cause for celebration. Each one is a precious gift that I will never get back again.

That's why our focus at TallGrass is shifting to encourage you to celebrate, too. Not only birthdays, not only holidays, not only milestones. But, how about a gorgeous sunrise, a drive to work without much traffic, a family weekday dinner, a great phone conversation with a dear friend, a meaningful church sermon, good news about a routine medical test, your child learning to ride a bike? The list can go on and on and on.

I believe that looking for reasons to celebrate every day can change your life in a positive, meaningful way. And, of course, we hope that you choose TallGrass for your celebrations - big and small - because we have some really special, fun, new ways to help you do just that!

Peggy Choate

Spa Babe
Peggy Choate, Spa Babe

A proud member of the very first graduating class at Denver's Aveda Institute, Peggy has had a lifelong interest in good skin care. "It's your biggest organ," she reminds. "Your health shows in your skin." Her best advice to TallGrass guests? Eat healthy, exercise, stay out of the sun and use quality skincare products.

Peggy has been at TallGrass for a total of eight years, starting in guest relations, moving to skin care, leaving for a while, teaching esthetics, and then rejoining the team. "I'm a skin care junky who turned her passion into her profession," she says proudly.

On being named Spa Babe, our highest honor, Peggy talks about the joy she gets working with guests to transform their skin and set up home care routines. "We really do help people make a difference in their skin and I love that I can do that at TallGrass," she says.

Peggy is pictured here with TallGrass owner Gail Sharp.

Step and Repeat

Girlfriend Getaway

You see it at celebrity events and fashion shows. The background screen printed with a pattern of logos is called a 'step and repeat.' Celebrities and VIPs stand in front and have their photos taken. Well, we have one at TallGrass! Because we think our guests are VIPs, too, and we love to take their photos!

We have signs with sayings like Playing Hooky, Soul Sisters, Sharing a Beautiful Day, and we have blank signs so you can write your own message. We have tiaras and boas and other props to add a bit of décor to your close-up. When we email your photo to you as a remembrance of your day at TallGrass, you can post it on Facebook or Instagram and we'll ask you if it's okay to post your photo on our Facebook page, too.

Encouraging you to think about all the ways to celebrate life's big and small moments is the heart of our new emphasis on celebration. We're calling it "Celebrate life in some way big or small every day" and we invite you to join us for all the fun.


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