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An innovative new massage treatment for body and soul uses waves of resonance from Himalayan singing bowls to promote relaxation and healing...

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Christmas Trees Message from Gail Sharp, TallGrass Owner

Some of you knew me many years ago as Gail Sharp. Well...she's BAAACK!

While not a particularly joyful reason to return to Sharp, I have taken back my maiden name after my recent divorce. And, yep, I'll be negotiating Valentine's Day alone with all of you single gals and guys out there. Divorce is never easy, and mine wasn't either. My sadness, fear, frustration and sense of failure have been very real. However, I have learned and embraced the ability to focus on the multitude of wonderful blessings in my life. First and foremost, I'm healthy. I will never take that for granted. Add to that, my wonderful family, amazing and loving friends, adorable animals and the perfect job - surrounded by an incredible team and awesome guests.

This year, I may not have a husband to give me a Valentine, but I'm still going to celebrate. I will be experiencing this year's Valentine's Day/Month in some new ways, but I will still be surrounded by love in too many ways to count. Hope you find your special way to celebrate the love that's all around you, too!


Celebrate Valentine's Month at TallGrass

Every February, we have treats to make your Valentine's celebration special. We always offer a surprise or two and, of course, we'll continue to feature your favorite TallGrass traditions.

During our Ten Days of Tango, February 5 through 14, side-by-side, couples' massage guests can look forward to a TallGrass Tango with the added bonus of a photo of the two of you together at TallGrass and a gift bag of Aveda and Eminence mini-products to take home.

The Hearts in Harmony TallGrass Tango is the Valentine's version of our innovative new Singing BLISSbowls™ Massage and Sound Session combined with our popular TallGrass Tango couples' massage. Hearts in Harmony uses soothing sensations of Himalayan singing bowls to unite your energies. It's available throughout February and, during the Ten Days of Tango (Feb 5-14), it comes with a Valentine's photo of the two of you and choice of Apricot Oil or Love Composition to take home.

We want you to get the perfect Valentine's gift. So, ask for a Cupid Postcard at the Front Desk and use it to request the services you'd like. We'll send your card to the person you select and look forward to welcoming you back to TallGrass very soon for your Valentine's celebration.

TallGrass Gift Certificates, both Traditional and Instantly Printable, are just the right Valentine's gifts because they come with the promise of a perfect day at TallGrass. There's something for everyone on our menu - in all price ranges - and TallGrass gift certificates are easy to purchase online, by phone and in person.


Available for Adoption

Cassie and Murphy
Cassie - Yorkie mix, 7 yrs, female
Murphy - Yorkie/Poodle mix, 6 yrs, male

Cassie is all-girl, loves to be a princess, and prefers to be sitting in a patch of sunshine with dry feet. Murphy is all-boy, very robust, loves playing keep-away and running in the snow. They are not outdoor dogs or mountain climbers, but love taking walks, riding in the car, going to the dog park and roaming around their property.

Available for adoption at
Evergreen Animal Protective League