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No, You Are Not Seeing Double
04/04/2011 Gail Ridings
Pepper and Nutmeg Small

When I saw her on the Evergreen Animal Protective League’s web site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Though Nutmeg came from another state, she looked exactly like Pepper, the dog we adopted last May from a Georgetown rescue agency. Lilly, our elderly Labrador, is still with us and now, with these two playing and running around, we have our hands full. All that joyful exuberance! There is nothing like a puppy to take your mind off more serious things.

Please say hello to Nutmeg on your next visit to TallGrass. She’s learning the ropes of her job as official spa greeter, alongside the veteran Pepper. In the meantime, our sweet, mostly blind Lilly relaxes in her comfy bed at home.

On a much more serious note, we are sending prayers of strength and hope to the people in Japan during their horrendous crisis. An easy way to contribute the money that they will need to help them through this ordeal is to dial 90999 on your cell phone and text “Red Cross.” You will incur a $10 charge on your cell phone account and the funds will be sent to the Red Cross. It is a small token, but if everyone in the USA did it, that would mean billions!