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If you're looking for one of the most beautifully situated Denver spas, look no further than TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon which rests beneath majestic Mt. Evans in a beautiful meadow of the Rocky Mountain foothills community known as Evergreen, Colorado. So close to Denver, yet so far from everyday cares, TallGrass is one of the most easily accessible Denver spas, only a 45-minute drive from town. A visit to TallGrass promises to "awe and inspire" you.

On the winding road approaching TallGrass, you will often spot deer and elk in close proximity to cattle and horses grazing in the neighboring meadows. As guests arrive at TallGrass, one of the most comfortable Denver spas, they are welcomed into a beautiful facility where they can change into a soft, warm robe and slippers after a brief tour. Relaxing in the Great Room allows guests time to reflect in a peaceful environment.

Choose among an array of luxury treatments at one of the Denver spas with the most comprehensive menu of services. There are soothing massages or facials and exfoliating body treatments that also moisturize the skin. Others prefer a manicure and pedicure service. Still other guests choose a trendsetting hair style in the salon. Everyone may choose to enjoy a complimentary steam shower and a touchup on makeup. Couples can share a TallGrass Tango side-by-side massage. And, groups may use the private Sage Room for a secluded retreat.

The TallGrass boutique has a full selection of Aveda products as well as a stylish collection of leisure wear, chic purses and belts, yoga togs and unique jewelry items. One of the most community-minded Denver spas, TallGrass is an Aveda concept spa which means that it joins the Aveda Corporation in its mission to care for the environment. In addition, TallGrass has its own community outreach programs with generous volunteer projects that support fundraising for numerous local organizations which work with health and human services, environmental responsibility and animal welfare issues. TallGrass also supports the armed forces in Iraq.

Celebrated by both its guests and reviewers, award-winning TallGrass continues to receive "Best Spa" awards and is often featured in both local and national publications. As one of the Denver spas with the highest level of customer service, TallGrass's mission is to "awe and inspire" guests and each other. This commitment to excellence raises the bar in the industry of luxury spas and serves as an example of exceptional customer service.

Visit TallGrass today and experience the "awe and inspiration" as you enjoy one of the Denver spas beyond compare.